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Laboris Gloria Ludi

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again, and hey, and new tour this, and plastic, and stuff, and they come in, and weird stops, band ever, because lj is kinda, beer bottle shaped ones, between trims and again., brace yourself for lots, but i like very, but minus that comma, can shaped ones and, eight, for some reason, go dir en grey, grey shaped ones, hairclips, i can't do this, if i could make, lame like that, lots of different colors, made of cold metal, maybe even dir en, much fluffy, my own clips i, new album later this, of grammatical errors, ones, periods, puffy, so, speaking of which, such as not using, such as the previous, the rose trims, they are really pretty, they are the best, tour two thousand and, unbeknown st to me, which can also be, who knows, without typing like this, would make some beer, year